50 ohm single ended, Zubehör: TDR-Probes, SMA-Kabel, ESD-Schutz, Kalibrierkits

MicroSpeed Signal Steckverbinder Rastermaß 1,0 mm, Messerleisten gerade

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The netbox can be used as tabletop instrument or 19" rack mount operation. A full option package and software package including SBench 6 Professional is included. The ABA mode works like a slow data logger combined with a fast digitizer. The exact position of the trigger events is stored as timestamps in an extra memory.

The control of the data stream is done automatically by the driver on interrupt request. The complete installed on-board memory is used for buffer data, making the continuous streaming extremely reliable.

Technical specifications

Ring buffer mode The ring buffer mode is the standard mode of all acquisition boards. Data is written in a ring memory of the board until a trigger event is detected. After the event the posttrigger values are recorded. Channel Trigger The data acquisition boards offer a wide 50 ohm single ended of trigger modes.

Besides the standard signal checking for level and edge as known from oscilloscopes it's also possible to define a window trigger. Trigger conditions can be combined with logical conjunctions like OR to adopt to different application scenarios.

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External Trigger All boards can be triggered using a separate external trigger signal with a two level programmable window comparator and a second separate external trigger with a single programmable 50 ohm single ended comparator.

It's possible to use positive or negative edge. Gated Sampling The Gated Sampling option allows data recording controlled by an external gate signal. Data is only recorded if the gate signal has a programmed level. In addition a pre-area before start of the gate signal as well as a post area after end of the gate signal can be acquired.

The number of gate segments is only limited by the used memory and is unlimited when using FIFO mode. Multiple Recording The Multiple Recording option allows the recording of several trigger events with an extremely short re-arming time. The hardware doesn't need to be restarted in between. Partnersuche app test on-board memory is divided in several segments of the same size. Each of them is filled with data if a trigger event occurs.

Pre- and posttrigger of the segments can be programmed.

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The number of acquired segments is only limited by the used memory and is unlimited when using FIFO mode. Pulsewidth Trigger Defines the minimum or maximum width that a trigger pulse must have to generate a trigger event.

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Pulse width can be combined with channel trigger, pattern trigger and external trigger. This makes it possible to trigger on signal errors like too long or too short pulses.

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Spike Trigger The trigger event is a slope inside the signal that is larger or even smaller than a programmed slope. Internally the difference of two adjacent samples is calculated and then compared to the programmed trigger level.

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This trigger mode allows the detection of signal distortions as 50 ohm single ended for power line monitoring. Timestamp The timestamp option writes the time positions of the trigger events in an extra memory.

MicroSpeed Signal Steckverbinder Rastermaß 1,0 mm, Messerleisten gerade - EVE GmbH

The timestamps are relative to the start of recording, a defined zero time, externally synchronized to a radio clock, or a GPS receiver. With this option acquisitions of systems on different locations can be set in a precise time relation.

External Clock Using a dedicated connector a sampling clock can be fed in from an external system.

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