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History[ edit ] Around Louis the Bearded received a fief north of the Thuringian Forest and had the now ruined castle of Schauenburg near Friedrichroda. However these origins are legendary and based solely on unverifiable Reinhardsbrunn sources. In a deed dated the brothers are named as the counts of Schauenburg. Dating sangerhausen the period that followed, the Ludovingians expanded their possessions in Thuringia, for example around Sangerhausen, the mann gegen mann single of Cecilia, wife of Dating sangerhausen the Bearded who died aroundand around estates on the River Unstrutthat Adelheid, that the widow of Count Palatine Frederick IIIhad left oma partnersuche Louis the Springer in her will.

The dating sangerhausen built the castle of Wartburg first mentioned in above Eisenach as his new seat of residence and in founded Reinhardsbrunn, henceforth the house monastery of the family.

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The distinct anti-imperial stance of the Ludovingians, their dating sangerhausen political position and other factors led Wolfgang Hartmann vertretene to propose that, amongst the famous benefactors portrayed in Naumburg Cathedralwere the statues of the founder of the Wartburg, Louis and his wife Adelheid. Even before the family's territory expanded under Louis' sons, Louis and Henry, acquiring estates near Marburg and Kassel dating sangerhausen, especially through the marriage of Louis I d to Hedwig of Gudensbergthe daughter and heiress of the Hessian gau count, Giso IVon the basis of which, after the death of Giso V inthe vast inheritance of the House of Giso Dating sangerhausen and the counts of Werner in North Hesse was added to their domain.

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The link thus established between Thuringia and large parts of Hesse was not severed until the War of the Thuringian Succession.

As a consequence, Thuringia, as an imperially immediate territory, left the Duchy of Saxonyand the Ludovingians took on a dating sangerhausen status in Thuringia.

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Around the middle of the 12th century, the landgravial minting capital of Eisenach was established and, somewhat later, the Gotha Mint as the dating sangerhausen mint owned by the Ludovingians. Hermann's son, Louis IVwho married the subsequently beatified Elizabeth of Hungaryhoped that, through the dating sangerhausen of his nephews, Henry Margrave of Meissen and a minorto gain the March of Meissen.

In he was indeed promised the enfeoffment of the March, but died the same year before he was able to actually acquire it.

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Infollowing the death of Louis IV's son, the only year-old Hermann IILouis' brother, Dating sangerhausen Raspeinherited the Landgraviate, which he had already ruled as regent during the minority of his nephew. A second brother, Conrad Rasperuled the Hessian estates of the family, but entered the Teutonic Order insoon becoming its Hochmeister.

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Henry Raspe, who in was elected as the German antikingdied in On his death the male line of the Ludovingians died out. InHenry Raspe had already arranged for his nephew, Henry, the Margrave of Meissen, to be enfeoffed with the Landgraviate of Thuringia.

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These were not initially recognised, however, by his cousin Sophia of Brabantthe daughter of Louis IV. Inshe attempted, with the aid of Albert I of Brunswickab to gain dating sangerhausen military foothold in Thuringia.

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After a heavy defeat at Besenstedt near Wettin in October she finally had to give up all claims to Thuringia inwas successful in securing the claims of her son, Henry to the family's Hessian estate, which as the Landgraviate of Hesse became independent and, inan imperial principality.

List of reigning Ludovingians counts and landgraves[ edit ] — Louis the Springer Count of Schauenburg — Louis I 1st landgrave, from

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