Kreta leute kennenlernen

kreta leute kennenlernen

Allgemeine Informationen für Ihren Griechenland Urlaub

I spent 2 weeks at Lexis School in July It was a gerat expierience and I did learn a lot! Thank you Maria!

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You were outstanding! I had very good lesssons and also differnt activities beside daily classes, like cooking Greek dishes with the teachers at School, we all went to an outstanding Greek Taverna and made excursions together.

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I began to learn greek language on my own, long time ago. Thanks a lot.

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We were only three students so that the studies were particularly intense. Maria was an outstanding teacher for all of us in the sense that we not only made considerable progress in our ability to speak and to understand the language but also in the sensitive way in which she created a very positive atmosphere in the little group.

In my judgment you cannot have a better introduction into language and culture. The teachers try to taylor-make the kreta leute kennenlernen according to the level and interests of the students.


They also plan extra activities which help the people deep diving in the Greek culture. I have to mention especially the movie collection which I appreciated a lot. I strongly recommend to attend a course here if you whish to speak Greek and not only learn, but speak. I was in Chania for the first time, alone, and I want to say that Chania is the perfect place to study.

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Maria was my teacher. After two weeks I saw progress in my Greek language.

  • Oft ist aber die Behördenprozedur recht umständlich, so dass sich der Abschluss einer privaten Krankenversicherung für die Urlaubsdauer lohnt, welche die vorgelegten Arztkosten nachträglich erstattet.
  • Kretas Feinkost kennenlernen Herzlich Willkommen auf Kreta Die Insel Kreta ist eine Schatzkammer für alle, die in die Anfänge der europäischen Kultur eintauchen und auf den Spuren der jahrtausendealten Geschichte wandeln wollen.
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  • Kreta individuell erleben Aber auch Individualreisende kommen durchaus auf der Insel auf ihre Kosten — es gibt sie noch, die unbebauten Strände und malerischen Buchten, vor allem im Südteil der Insel Kreta.

I recommend this school for all who want to learn Greek language. Summer My teachers here are not only great language teachers, but also great conversationalists — always prepared with interesting topics, and always able to anticipate where I might want to go. Added to this, Chania is the perfect place to kennenlernen klasse. Not only is it beautiful, but the scale of the place makes it easy to just wander around, listening to Greek language all around you, and trying out new kreta leute kennenlernen.

»Die coole Kneipe am Fluss.«

We were part of a group of 3 or 4 persons aged between 40 and 60 years following an intensive course at intermediate level. Serious learning also means a review of what already has been done, which takes time as well which you might miss for visits of beautiful and appealing Chania.

This friendly young mother taught us the kreta leute kennenlernen of Greek pronounciation, orthography and grammar. She was very good in finding descriptions and forming examples.

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Besides the lessons we visited a museum and were invited by the school to a joined dinner where we shared very fine lokal dishes.

Another day all pupils were cooking a Greek meal together.


The owner of the school works also as teacher and kreta leute kennenlernen We can recommand this school to students of all levels of knowledge. The intensive course I followed was held by a high educated teacher, the lessons were very interesting, intercative, and of high quality.

  1. Es war wirklich ein sehr schöner Aufenthalt und bestimmt auch nicht der Letzte in einem Aldiana.
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Overall I advice this school to everyone who wants to learn modern Greek but at the same time spend holidays in a place rich with history, where nature is marvellous, and people are joyful and openhearted.

For sure I скользящая средняя методы come back next year!

kreta leute kennenlernen

For me it was a wonderful time I spent there, with a great number of very exciting encounters and a lot of new experience. The size of the Institute and the number of students kreta leute kennenlernen a very personal and individual contact with the teachers and the other students in a familiar atmosphere.

The two teachers who trained me in the Greek language, Evangelia and Maria, treated me, an absolute beginner, with all patience required and furthermore they responded to all my questions with great effort. I appreciated them much, both from their human and professional qualification. Helga Dengel.

kreta leute kennenlernen

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