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single engine 6 passenger plane

It was a WW1 British biplane that was dismantled in England and taken by ship to Mauritius where it was reassembled. The region where this took place is known as Suffolk Close in the town of Vacoas, where the British admiralty had their headquarters.

Today the grounds have been converted into an hole golf course operated by the Gymkhana Club of Mauritius.

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Thus was it that on 02 JuneMajor F. Honnet, famous air pilot in South Africa, took off in the biplane from the Gymkhana grounds and made the first flight over the island. After operating a few more demonstration flights, the plane was dismantled and taken back to England by ship. One of the aviation pioneers in this region of the Indian Ocean was Maurice Samat from Reunion Island, which is about kilometres off the west coast of Mauritius.

He had been impressed by a demonstration flight in his island in and decided to go to France to earn his pilot license.

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The plane, a single-engine tri-seater, was disassembled and partnervermittlung hildburghausen on the commercial ship Leconte de Lisle to be taken to Reunion where it was reassembled.

Activities for the club had to be created and after linking the two towns of St Denis and St Pierre in Reunion, they decided to make it to Mauritius. Samat and his friend Paul Louis Lemerle chose the 20th of August to make the flight. Lemerle was sent to Mauritius to organize the event with their local liaison officer, Colonel Dehane. It was decided that the plane will land on a racecourse near the beach of Mon Choisy in the north. Colonel Dehane had to keep them informed of weather conditions and light a fire to indicate the landing place.


But due to mechanical problems with the plane and adverse weather conditions, it was finally on 10th September that Samat and Lemerle left Gillot in Reunion to make the first flight to Mauritius.

The flight was a success; and to mark the event, a memorial, known as the Samat monument, was erected at the southern end of the field at Mon Choisy.

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Thus for the next few years, the field at Mon Choisy continued to be used as an airstrip for the rare airplanes that came to the island. A Potez 43 aircraft The field at Mon Choisy.

Entwicklung The Cessna is a four- or six-seat, fixed conventional gear general aviation airplane which was produced between and Cessna introduced the heavier and more powerful as a complement to the Cessna It eventually came to be known as the Skywagon. The prototype of the Cessna first flew on May

The flight lasted ten days with stop-overs in Tunisia, Egypt, Djibouti and Madagascar. They left Mauritius on 20th January but reached France only on 11th Februarydue to several problems with their aircraft.

The Farman Roland Garros in Madagascar - Construction of Plaisance airport Plaisance airport During the second world war, Mauritius became a strategic location for the British in the Indian ocean.

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They operated Catalina hydroplanes for long reconnaissance missions in the region, landing single engine 6 passenger plane the bay of Mahebourg or Baie du Tombeau for refuelling.

But soon it became necessary for them to have an airport on land to be used by the Royal Air Force. They decided to build the airpport near Mahebourg, which was once the harbour of single engine 6 passenger plane island. Construction started in and the work completed in Since then the airstrip at Mon Choisy was abandoned, but the Samat monument is there to remind us of the role the field played in the early days of aviation in Mauritius.

The flight lasted two days with six stop-overs.

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The aircraft used was a Lancastrian and the journey lasted forty-two hours. InQantas started using Lockheed Constellation aircrafts single graz-umgebung the same route.

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  4. Cessna & Cessna Skywagon
  5. Life[ edit ] He was born on 12 July in Mostar Herzegovinawhere he finished elementary school four grades and junior high school.

It was a twenty-five-hour journey with stop-overs in Italy, Sudan, Kenya and Madagascar. The time for the journey was only seventeen hours. Most probably they used Boeing aircrafts.

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At first the company operated as a ground handling agent for other airlines. Flights were limited to nearby Reunion island and Rodrigues island, a dependency of Mauritius. The Navajo was replaced with a seater Twin Otter that was acquired in On 1st Novembera Boeing leased from British Airtours became the first aircraft to single engine 6 passenger plane international flights under the company's colours.

single engine 6 passenger plane

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