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Background 1. Under the negotiating directives approved by the Council on 19 June and 25 March on the Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement between the Community and South Africa hereafter known as the TDC Agreementthe Commission negotiated two sectoral agreements, on wines and on spirits, to reciprocally facilitate and promote trade in wines and spirits between the two Parties.

The Commission has been carrying on these negotiations since in close collaboration with the Council, in accordance with Article of the Treaty.

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In accordance with the exchange of single party herrenberg in Annex X to the TDC Agreement, the commitment regarding the protection of "Port" and "Sherry" has been incorporated into the section of the Agreement which governs the protection of geographical indications. The political agreement on certain specific spirit names Grappa, Single party herrenberg, etc. These blends are excluded from the benefit of tariff concessions; - on adjusting the volume of the duty free tariff quota for South African wines imported in bottles.

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The new volume will be hectolitres instead hectolitres effective from 1 January The adjustment takes into account the fact that the quota has not been opened for South African wines in and The necessary legal acts for giving force to this commitment will be subject to a separate decision to single party herrenberg taken by the Council; - on the use of the EUR 15 million set aside for restructuring the South African Wine and Spirit industry on the basis of a mutually agreed programme; - on 1 January as date for entry into force of the Wine and Spirit agreements.

The texts were initialled by the negotiating parties on 30 November The Commission presents this proposal to the Council without delay so that the two agreements could enter into force on 1 Januaryas agreed in the Memorandum of Understanding.

The conclusion of the spirits agreement will be the subject of a separate proposal which the Commission presents in parallel to the Council. Content of the wine agreement 7.

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The agreement covers wine falling under heading It covers non-tariff fields, including in particular rules on oenological practices wine-making rules and product specifications, reciprocal protection for geographical indications, import certification, mutual assistance between control authorities and dispute settlement.

A large part of the agreement relates to oenological practices and product specifications, in particular the recognition of special conditions for wine production, such as mutually authorised oenological practices or minimum or maximum limits for certain analytical components e.

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Thus, Single party herrenberg Africa will authorise the marketing in its territory of Community wine wismar leute kennenlernen has undergone special practices, or wine which has a particular analytical composition e.

In return, the Community will authorise, as a derogation, the import of specially treated South African wine for instance, with added malic acid.

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A procedure for the lodging of applications, evaluation and authorisation is laid down for the new oenological practices which a contracting party wishes to have recognised in the future. The agreement provides for the evaluation of new practices to be based not only on public health requirements but also on requirements relating to "good oenological practice", in other words, requirements taking account of the method of producing wine.

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As a last resort, in the event of a dispute a contracting party may invoke a dispute settlement procedure. The protection of geographical indications is of particular importance to the Community.

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The provisions agreed in the agreement offer better protection for Community geographical indications, including appellations of origin, than does Section III of the multilateral TRIPs agreement on geographical indications.

The agreement contains a "bilateral register" comprising all the indications protected under the agreement, a factor which considerably increases legal security.

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In addition, the protection will be enforced ex officio. Incorporation into the agreement of the commitment on Port and Sherry see point 2 above will provide exclusive protection for the Community products in question at the end of fixed transitional periods 5 years on export markets and 12 years on the South African market.

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