Single passenger electric helicopter

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single passenger electric helicopter

After earlier releasing renderings of the the meter footpassenger vessel, the company has now released details of her propulsion, safety and efficiency systems. She will be powered by four main engines located in two redundant engine rooms. Each engine drives an electric generator, which supplies power to the main propulsion motors which are 3,kw each, and also to the two bow thrusters at kw each, a single stern thruster at kw, and all onboard electrical consumption.

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This configuration allows for the most fuel efficient and low emission operation over a wide variety of operating speeds and conditions, says Quark Expeditions. Mixed waste is converted into thermal energy and solid single passenger electric helicopter matter, and then biochar is compacted and recycled, decreasing waste volume by 95 percent.

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In the unlikely event that the ship were to be reduced to operating with only one engine, she would still be able to travel 1, nautical miles at six knots in Beaufort force 8 winds while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for passengers.

Ultramarine's off-ship adventure options will include activities such as flight-seeing, heli-hiking and heli-skiing.

single passenger electric helicopter

She will house 20 Zodiacs, located close to the waterline, which can be quickly deployed from both sides single passenger electric helicopter the vessel at four embarkation points that will be easily accessible from two passenger ready rooms, allowing guests to get off the ship in less than 20 minutes, half the industry average.

Ultramarine will have a day operational range and will feature dynamic positioning to eliminate the need to drop anchor in sensitive seabed areas.

single passenger electric helicopter

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